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Crystals are a holistic form of treatment and work on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. However they are not meant to replace conventional medicine and you should always seek medical/veterinary advice for any illness.


Pharmaceutical medicine will heal physical symptoms, but quite often those physical symptoms are related to the emotions and it is the emotional body that needs healing. Holistic forms of healing do this. The body should be treated and healed as a whole and not just based on the physical symptoms. The body has seven major energy centres, called Chakras. This applies to animals as well as humans. If these energy centres are out of balance or blocked then the body is not working to its full potential and physical symptoms may occur. If the energy centres (Chakras) are not working efficiently then the flow of energy through the body can stagnate, like that of a blocked or slowly moving river. Crystals are very efficient at rebalancing and unblocking the Chakras, enabling energy to flow freely again.


   As crystals and gemstones are natural then all are slightly different and the crystal you receive may not be the one in the photo. However it will be just as beautiful and effective.




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