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  1. I consider myself lucky to have three beautiful horses who I enjoy being around. Like people horses have differing personalities and their own emotional and physical problems. For emotional problems then the Bach Flower Remedies can certainly help.

    A horse on the yard was nervous every time he was brought through the yard to his stable, often jumping at things he perceived as threatening although everything was the same as usual. His owner asked if I could recommend some Bach Flowers to help. I suggested a combination of Aspen, Cherry Plum, Gentian, Mimulus and Rock Rose mixed together with spring water in a dropper bottle.

    He started taking the remedy twice a day, before being turned out and when he was brought in. The difference was noticeable after a couple of weeks when he wasn`t as jumpy and now after a month on the remedy he is much better. In fact only the other day he came in and walked past a digger that was operating at the side of the yard and never batted an eyelid!