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Materials used and why.


The rope used in the Easy-Does-It products is a quality polyester doublebraid yachting rope. This is the best type of rope for halters, training lines etc as it is soft yet strong, does not rot or go hard, is highly UV resistant and has low abrasion qualities. There are lots of natural horsemanship products available made from inferior rope. While they may look nice they may not have the same weight and feel to them and will soon show signs of wear.


The leather used in my products will be either English leather or a quality European leather. With regular cleaning and an occasional wipe over with leather dressing this leather will last for years, unlike cheaper  leather which can go hard and split.


The carrot stick shafts have been specially sourced for Easy-Does-It. We wanted something just as strong as the conventional sticks, but a bit lighter in weight. This is especially beneficial when used for long periods, or when using the stick for ridden work. The sticks are assembled here with the tops being secured by a strong epoxy and hand wound with strong waxed twine.


Our rope reins come with either brass trigger clips, nickel plated scissor snaps or solid brass scissor snaps. Again all of these are good quality fitments to match the quality of rope they are spliced into.


Training line fitments. We are now offering the heavy solid brass swivel bull snaps for training lines, along with the usual twist snaps. After using both types of clips we have found that it makes no difference at all to the way the horses respond in training, but there are many advantages with the bull snap. We have found it to be a more robust clip, especially if a horse steps on the training line and jerks back. We had one occasion of this happening and the tong of the barrel swivel was pulled out and damaged. This cannot happen with the bull snap. The bull snap can also be opened with one hand, unlike the barrel swivel which is a two handed operation. One final point in the bull snaps favour is that there is no revolving mechanism. This often gets sand and grit in when used in a menage and can make the opening and closing of the clip stiff. The brass bull snap is 4" in length and approx. 140 grammes in weight, so very similar in size and weight to the barrel swivel. We appreciate that some customers will still prefer the twist snap so we will continue to offer these too.

The 22ft lines are now offered with the option of the ring and carabiner fitments, the brass bull snaps or the twist snaps.